Ugh…Really Oprah?

Its been a long time since I updated…I apologize…to all like 4 people who actually read this.

Well, where to begin. The Lord is defiantly working..then again when isn’t he? It all depends on if we have our eyes and hearts open to seeing that or not. My eyes have defiantly been opening more and more the past couple months. He continues to show me more and more everyday and my love for him grows with it. I got back from Pennsylvania about 3 weeks ago from a campus tour. That was awesome! I hadn’t been to a college campus besides a few in Wisconsin in probably like 3 years. So needless to say I was kind of hesitant to get in there again, but God tore down that wall pretty much right away. We were at that for about a week, I missed doing that. Its so easy to just go through the motions and let time pass living your life waiting for the next thing. Well not anymore nope not me.

Anyway. My current book list is infinity. I have a babysitting job again..go figure. Children are my calling. And the Holidays are here 🙂 One of the best times of the year. Honestly i really just cant wait to make pumpkin pie, and apple pie..imma make one of them as soon as I go and get apples.

The one sucky thing about traveling and all, is you meet so many amazing people but you never get to see them :/ Thank the Lord for facebook. pathetic..yes…but it works.

I just found out one of my friends boss’s just one Oprahs million dollar give away of stuff..or ..or w/e……..huh…sucker.

God Bless!




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nuff said

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take a few steps back

I hate it when i get ahead of myself

i have to keep reminding myself i have no idea whats going on.

I am completely surrendered to his will

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I broke my hip….not really…

Current track- Why don’t we just dance By Josh Turner.


So, um. Hi. Long time no talk. first off let me just say that no matter what people say..i do not have an accent. I was made fun of today by the guy at Michaels. I gave him a dirty look…it made me feel accomplished. And…I have a new friend at Starbucks.  I go there all the time…maybe 3 times a week. he has noticed this. I have a new friend. yup.

anyhoo. I like Wisconsin. So far nothing horrible has happened. Don’t freak out or anything, but i am seriously considering moving up here. We will see. Lots of praying.

let me just say. I know somethins gunna happen. I can feel it.

I cant tell ya what. but i just do. muwahaha

One thing i will tell ya that is weird tho…i go from knowing everyone everywhere in Illinois to knowing like no one here..haha like back in rockford i would go somewhere and run into someone i knew everywhere..but not here haha weird

huh k bye

oh wait. its windy here.


k bye

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God is faithful

every single time…without fail…he is faithful. Its crazy for me to ever doubt him.

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all i have to say is




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